About Comma

At Comma, we recognize the importance of sleep. We know that the choices that we make, when it comes to what we purchase and use, have a clear effect on our bodies. Research has proven that the quality of our sleep has an undeniable impact on our physical and mental health.

That's why we design products that help you to get high quality sleep.


Why is sleep so important?

New research tells us that sleep is integral to our overall well-being. Without sleep, we age faster, our immune systems fail, and our brains are left vulnerable to irreversible damage and memory loss. And without proper sleep, we cannot absorb and retain new information. 

With our products, Comma is combating the tired old saying that you can sleep when you're dead. We know (and science has proven) that sleep is the key to a more healthy, productive, and successful life!


 Sleep is your superpowerer | Matt Walker

Our Goal

Our goal is to design products that help you get quality, natural, and refreshing sleep - so that you are properly equipped to succeed.

And with our common-sense, exceptional customer service, you can feel confident with your purchase. That is our promise.