Why Are Weighted Blankets So Expensive

Why Are Weighted Blankets So Expensive

You’ve heard the hype, you’ve felt the magic, and you’re ready to commit. A weighted blanket is all the permission you need to slow down, sleep in, or skip that late-night outing for a date with Netflix. You feel it’ll be worth it, but you’ve still got to ask: Why are weighted blankets so expensive?

We know it’s hard to drop a bunch of cash on something without understanding why it’s a certain price. So let’s clear the air.

How Much Do Weighted Blankets Cost?

Like most products, weighted blankets vary in price. Some brands might sell a weighted blanket for as little as $50, while a premium weighted blanket can cost well over $100. But you know how it goes—you get what you pay for.

Many of the less expensive blankets are made with cheaper materials and might not hold up to all the lovin’ you give them. Pricey weighted blankets are often made from better quality materials that can last a long time.

So a more expensive blanket usually means higher quality—but not always. We don’t want you getting gouged on an overpriced weighted blanket, so next we’ll give you info on how to recognize a quality weighted blanket.

What Makes a Premium Weighted Blanket?

Once you know what you’re looking for, you’ll be able to spot a premium weighted blanket from a mile away. (You’ll obviously want to be a whole lot closer to a blanket that irresistible.) 

Cheaper weighted blankets can be noisy, get lumpy, and may start looking ragged over time. But high-end weighted blankets are quiet, soft, and durable, and they give you that perfect hugging sensation for much longer. 

Below are a few features that set a premium weighted blanket apart from lower-end designs.

Premium Materials

The best weighted blankets include a filling made from tiny tempered glass beads, which are so small that they instantly conform to your body without you ever noticing they’re in there. A high-quality blanket also will have premium fabric choices like Minky, faux fur, and cooling bamboo in multiple, durable layers.

Even Weight Distribution

If you’ve ever felt like you were at war with your bed at an ungodly hour, you know how important it is to find a blanket with even weight distribution. Premium weighted blankets have beads that stay put—no bunching and no lumps during the night. 

A clue that a weighted blanket will deliver a comfortable, even weight distribution is if it has smaller stitched squares, which hold the beads in place better.


There’s nothing like a dark, quiet house to make you realize how insanely noisy your sheets are. Cheaper weighted blankets will give you more of the same loud crumpling sounds in the night, but a high-end weighted blanket delivers that sweet, sweet silence you need to get more restful sleep. 

And how do they do it? Quality weighted blankets have multiple layers that absorb sound, boost the cozy-factor, and make the blanket last longer.


You already know you’re going to be sleeping with your weighted blanket every night. But once you experience the glory of a premium weighted blanket, you’ll probably be spending plenty of your waking hours with your blanket too. With all the time you’ll be spending together, you want a blanket that’s built to last. 

While cheaper weighted blankets might start falling apart on you pretty quickly, a premium weighted blanket has been crafted for longevity. Look for double stitching, quality fabrics, and fluffy layers to ensure you’re getting a blanket that will last.

Is a Weighted Blanket Worth the Cost?

Is it worth the price tag? Yes and yes again. A weighted blanket is one of the best investments you can make if you care about getting quality z’s—which basically everyone does. So in the name of self-care, it’s time to pull out that credit card and get the sleep you’ve only dreamed of. Shop for premium blankets from Comma Home today.