The Benefits of Bamboo Weighted Blankets

The Benefits of Bamboo Weighted Blankets

There’s nothing to kill your cozy sleep vibes like waking up in the middle of the night all hot and sweaty. Having the comforting touch of a blanket can help you fall asleep, but for hot sleepers, there never seems to be a happy medium—either you’re sweating under even the thinnest blanket, or you’re forced to sleep without the comfort of a blanket at all.

Enter the bamboo weighted blanket. This soft and luxurious blanket feels like a soothing hug while keeping you cool all night long. (It’s like that feeling when you flip your pillow to the cool side.) And there are more perks to this wonder blanket, too.

What Is a Bamboo Blanket? 

Bamboo weighted blankets are lightweight, breathable, and temperature-regulating. They’re the perfect weighted blanket for hot sleepers, offering the hug-like feeling of deep tissue stimulation, while staying cool and dry to the touch. (Yep, even in the warmest months!)

1. They Help You Sleep Cooler

We’ve already sung the praises of a bamboo weighted blanket and its ability to keep you cool any time of year. But in case you’ve already forgotten: bamboo is a magical material that’s breathable and absorbent, meaning you stay at the optimal temperature in any weather. 

2. You Can Use Them All Year Long

Many people switch out their bedding with the seasons. But this can be a hassle for more than a few reasons: you have to figure out where to store the bedding that you’re not using, you have to buy new bedding, and you have to wrestle the blankets on and off the bed more often than you’d like. Luckily, bamboo weighted blankets can be used all year, simplifying your bedding approach and giving you more time to get quality z’s.

3. They’re Eco-Friendly

Sustainability is trending, and for good reason. By buying a bamboo weighted blanket, you’re helping to promote a greener future for the planet. Bamboo grows at rapid speed and doesn’t need much water to thrive, meaning it’s renewable, requires fewer resources than cotton, and doesn’t need pesticides. Sink into your bed and toast a cheer to Mother Earth!

4. Bamboo is Ultra-Soft

While it’s great to go green, you probably have a harder time pulling the trigger when it’s at the cost of comfort. But you won’t have to worry about that kind of trade-off when you choose a bamboo weighted blanket. They’re just as good for the planet as they are comfortable. In fact, we’re convinced you won’t find a cozier blanket out there, and the sustainability can’t be beat.

5. They’re Less Prone to Wrinkling

Life is busy, and you ain’t got time for ironing the bedding. But that crisp look you see in enviable Instagram posts can still be yours when you sleep with a bamboo weighted blanket, which is naturally less prone to wrinkling. So pack the iron back in the cabinet, and use that extra time for a Netflix binge sesh.

6. Bamboo is Antibacterial + Hypoallergenic

There’s nothing worse than realizing your own bedding is the cause of your allergy troubles. And while other bedding can be prone to dust mites and mold, bamboo is antibacterial and hypoallergenic. No sneezing yourself awake when you have this blanket to sleep with. (And you won’t ever have to wonder what microscopic critters are joining you in bed, either.)

Are Bamboo Blankets Warm?

Yes, bamboo blankets are warm—but never so warm that you break into a sweat. They offer the best of both worlds, so you stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Since bamboo is naturally temperature-regulating, you’ll always feel perfectly comfortable.

How Do I Care for My Bamboo Blanket?

We recommend washing your blanket by itself to avoid zippers, hooks, and other sharp blanket snaggers. Use the gentle setting and the dryer’s lower temperature. Or, to extend your blanket’s life and keep it safe from machine mishaps, try spot cleaning with a little soap and water.

Shop Bamboo Weighted Blankets Today

Bamboo weighted blankets make sleep easy in every season. Find your perfect bamboo weighted blanket at Comma Home. Our blankets are made from high-quality, 100% bamboo viscose, so you know it’s the real deal. Choose the color and size to suit your preferences, then sleep better than ever. See you in dreamland!