How to Use a Weighted Blanket

How to Use a Weighted Blanket

Using a weighted blanket isn’t really something we need to spell out for you, is it? You pull one up around your chin and head straight into chill mode. Easy as that. But while learning how to use a weighted blanket seems like something you don’t actually need to learn at all, there is a bit more to it than that. You see, weighted blankets aren’t like any other throw you have lying around at home. 

There are tons of ways these weighted wonders can enhance your life. Here are just a few ways you might benefit from the touch of your weighted blanket:

  • Reduce insomnia
  • Minimize stress
  • Get higher quality sleep
  • Feel more rested
  • Boost mood
  • Feel a greater sense of calm
  • Ease anxiety
  • Improve ADHD, OCD, or autism symptoms
  • Reduce tossing and turning at night
  • Improve Restless Leg Syndrome symptoms
  • Ease physical pain
  • Reduce symptoms of PTSD

How Weighted Blankets Work

So how do weighted blankets deliver all of those powerful benefits? The power is all in deep pressure touch stimulation, which is the gentle, hugging sensation you feel whenever you wrap up in your weighted blanket.

Deep pressure touch stimulation releases hormones that make you feel good (serotonin) and more relaxed and sleepy (melatonin). It also reduces the stress hormone cortisol, leaving you in that blissful state that makes it easier to sleep, focus, or enjoy some much-needed R&R.

When to Use Your Weighted Blanket

Once you start using yours, you’ll pretty much want to use it everywhere you go. But since walking around the grocery store wrapped in a blanket isn’t really socially acceptable, you probably better draw the line somewhere. Here are some ideas on when to use a weighted blanket.

1. Sleeping at Night

Using a weighted blanket for sleep at night is a no-brainer. You’ll get the best sleep of your life when you have the comforting touch of your weighted blanket to help you drift off faster, toss and turn less often, and stay asleep longer. Toss your comforter aside, because you’ve got a new and improved blanket for your bed. 

2. Naps

If you’re not a napper, you’re missing out on one of life’s simple pleasures. A little power nap here and there can do wonders for your productivity and focus throughout the day, but sometimes it can be tough to fall asleep and get comfortable when the world is buzzing around you. Luckily, a weighted blanket is just as ideal for cat naps as it is for a night of sleep.

3. Lounging on the Couch

Got a date with Netflix and Ben & Jerry’s? Don’t forget to invite your weighted blanket, too. It’s the perfect companion to your cozy night in. Pull yours on and you’ll quickly feel more at ease as you unwind and forget the cares of the day.

4. Travel

Many people get anxious about flying, but a weighted blanket could be just the cure. Toss your weighted blanket over your arm and get ready for stress-free travel. Having your weighted blanket along for the trip will ease your anxious thoughts and help you get some quality “z”s while in flight. And, of course, they make a great companion for road trips, too.

5. Desk Work

Whether you work from home, in the corner office, or just a cubicle, there ain’t no shame in pulling out your weighted blanket to hunker down and get things done. You’re likely to feel an increased focus and get the job done better than ever.

6. Living Life

Sometimes you just need a little extra comfort and warmth no matter what you’re doing. Try draping your weighted blanket over your shoulders while you sit on the couch, or even while you grab a bowl of cereal or snack in the kitchen. That comforting hug can follow you wherever you need to go—no matter what you’re doing. 

Using Your Weighted Blanket

You’re ready to use your weighted blanket for sleep, lounging, work—whatever. But how do you actually wear one? For maximum benefit, just cover your body from the neck down, making sure your chest and legs are fully under the blanket. Feet can be outside the blanket—you choose!

The blanket will best stay evenly distributed if you sleep on your back at night. And if you’re napping, lounging, or working? You can pull the blanket over your shoulders or across your lap to get some of the same comforting benefits.

Can You Sleep with a Weighted Blanket Every Night?

Like any new sleep environment, your weighted blanket can take a bit of getting used to. Give it up to a week of adjustment time before you’re totally in the zone with your weighted blanket—and at that point, you can use your weighted blanket every night, and any time you want to feel soothed.

Find Your Weighted Blanket Now

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