10 Relaxing Gifts for Mom This Mother’s Day

10 Relaxing Gifts for Mom This Mother’s Day

They’re always up for late-night talks and are our biggest cheerleader on the sidelines. They’ve taught us everything, from how to tie our shoes to how to play it cool around our crush. At least the shoe part went well.

Moms are basically superheroes, especially in a time when the world feels turned upside-down. These days, many moms are working from home, homeschooling, and taking care of kids—all without anywhere to escape to for a break.

More than ever, it’s time we treat the moms in our lives to an amazing Mother’s Day. Check out 10 relaxing gifts for mom.

1. Hire a Babysitter

We’re all about giving hard-working moms a day off. No doubt moms love their kids more than anything, but they also need a relaxing day to do whatever they want. Hire a babysitter and let her have a chill day where she can do just about anything she pleases. Not sure about finding someone? Go into your bathroom. Look in the mirror. Boom. Babysitter.

2. Bring in a Maid

Any mom with little kids knows it takes about 0.5 seconds for the whole house to look like a bomb went off. Bring in a maid to clean her entire house, and you’re guaranteed to have an exhausted mom singing your praises. We won’t try the mirror trick this time. We’ve seen how you clean.

3. Buy Her a Weighted Blanket

Not all blankets are created equal, and a premium weighted blanket certainly stands at the top of the hierarchy. Choose from lush fabrics like faux fur, minky, or bamboo—you can’t go wrong with a blanket that feels like a giant hug.

4. Treat Her to a Massage

We don’t know any mom who would turn down an hour-long back massage. Whether you watch some YouTube videos and learn to do it yourself or give her a gift card to a local massage parlor, a massage is always a welcome Mother’s Day gift.

5. Let Her Relax With Aromatherapy

Just about every mom we know goes ga-ga for a good-smelling candle or diffuser. And though the scent is a major perk, these gifts also offer the relaxing power of aromatherapy. It’s cheaper than a spa day, and (almost) as restorative.

6. Pick Out an Adult Coloring Book

Do you know a mom who’s always up for arts-and-crafts hour with her kids? If so, an adult coloring book could be the ideal Mother’s Day gift. She’ll love clicking her brain off and coloring in Chris Hemsworth’s contoured muscles. We were talking about a Thor coloring book, right? You’ve gotta give mom what she wants.

7. Give Her a Sleep Mask and Ear Plugs

Are you seeing a trend here? Mom hasn’t had a single good night’s sleep since you started giving her heartburn and morning sickness in utero. Even if she isn’t up in the night with a newborn, she’s probably not getting as much sleep as she’d like. Help her get a few more winks with the perfect gift for a tired mom: a luxurious sleep mask, some quality earplugs, and permission to disappear in the afternoon for a quick nap.

8. Put Together an Exotic Tea Basket

There’s something about a cup of tea that makes time seem to slow down. At least, that’s what the Brits keep saying. If there’s a mom in your life who loves a good brew, pick out some exotic teas and create a gift set, complete with a new teacup, towel, and teapot. And if mom prefers a good microbrew, well, that can be pretty relaxing too.

9. Make Your Own Bath Bombs

Sure, you could buy some sweet-scented bath bombs, but making them will be more fun and more meaningful. Check out some tutorials online and create a custom blend you know she’ll love. Then send her off for a relaxing bath—candles and a good book required, but we’ll also allow Fifty Shades of Grey.

10. Give Her a Self-Care Book

Self-care is essential to mental and emotional well-being, but many moms have a hard time striking that balance between finding time for themselves and plowing through the daily to-do list. Hence, a self-care book is a winning gift for stressed-out moms

Find the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Today

There’s no doubt about it, moms make the world go ‘round. Show the moms in your life you care by finding the perfect gift this Mother’s Day. Comma Home has a wide selection of luxurious weighted blankets, eucalyptus comforters, and faux fur throws that make for the perfect relaxing gifts for mom.