How does a Comma comforter keep you cool? What makes it better than ____?

Our comforter is made from eucalyptus fibers that are lightweight and airy, which feels cloudy with a 100% chance of comfy showering over you. Plus, our inner layer is made from an entire single sheet, so you won’t experience fluff randomly bunching up in a corner. Little secret: It also helps the blanket stay durable longer, so you can spread the cozy vibe to everyone for years.

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Do weighted blankets help you sleep? I have anxiety and/or insomnia so what are other benefits of sleeping with a weighted blanket?

Why yes they do. Weighted blankets create deep-touch pressure stimulation, which say “Hey brain, you should relax and release melatonin” — these are feel-good hormones like serotonin. In short, these chemicals provide a slew of benefits that can help you sleep soundly and boost your mental and physical health. We actually wrote a blog post about it, check it out.

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What makes a Comma throw better than ____?

Bored of vacuuming excess hairs that fall off your other faux fur throws? Same. Our low-maintenance throws are short-haired so that they won't shed all over your castle. Bonus: Our reversible Sherpa side adds a different fluffy sensation to the mix.

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