Which weighted blanket would you recommend to me?

No worries, we’ll find you the blanket of your dreams that’ll keep you dreaming.


If you’re a hot sleeper, this one’s for you. Our sustainable bamboo fabric is temperature regulating and cool to the touch, so get ready to chill out.


If cold nights are a thing for you, this is your new favorite blanket. It’s made of warm, snuggly-soft material to help you cozy up and dozy off.

Faux Fur

If decadence is your vibe – check out our weighted blanket lined with faux fur. It’s a warmer, luxe alternative that’s 100% animal friendly, but leopard sweatpants are encouraged.

Minky & Sherpa

Want a double dose of comfort? With fluffy, cloudy Sherpa fleece on one side and snuggly minky material on the other, you might just skip that coffee date.